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Learning Management System - Cookware

The healthiest cookware type amongst the below is:

A. Ceramic NonStick (PFOA & PTFE Free)
B. PFOA Free Non-Stick
C. Stainless Steel (PFOA & PTFE Free)
D. Standard Teflon

Sandwhich is a term normally used to enable induction feature on cookware, which of the below is induction?

A. 0.6mm 18/8 SS + 5.0mm Aluminium + 0.5mm 18/0 SS
B. 0.6mm 18/8 SS + 5.0mm Aluminium + 0.5mm 18/18 SS

What type of Heat Resistant Handles/Knobs is commonly used in Cookware:

A. Superlight
B. Bakelite
C. Makelite
D. Cooklite

The Term "Soft Grip" or "Silicone Coated" on cookware handles and knobs is associated with the use of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) Copolymers.

A. True
B. False

What is the most common type of cookware in the world?

A. Cast Iron cookware
B. Stainless Steel cookware
C. Copper cookware
D. Aluminium Cookware

Your basic Aluminium cookware can be used in induction cookers?

A. True
B. False

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