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Learning Management System - Hotpots

Hotpots gained popularity in the middle-East region because:

A. Hotpots maintain ready cooked food temperature for hours and insures the freshness of food is preserved
B. Hotpots have proven to be the best mean to transport ready cooked food
C. Hotpots can be used as serving dishes
D. All of the Above

Which component makes insulation work on hotpots?

A. Polypropolene
B. Polyurethane
C. Polybendanite
D. Polyhotponite

AWM hotpots inner mirror finish liners are fabricated from non-magnetic stainless steel sheets to avoid pitting & corrosion.

A. True
B. False

When buying a hotpot, you should be considering:

A. Locking mechanism, Lid tightness, and General finish quality.
B. Promotion stickers, gift box print, quantity of displayed stock.

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